Vytautas Magnus University Publishers,

in co-operation with Lithuanians' World Center Kaunas,

publishes 9 volumes selection of prussological studies by Lithuanian linguist Dr Letas Palmaitis.
Dr Letas Palmaitis is author of many articles and several monographs, referred to inter alia in such works, as:

Thomas V. Gamkrelidze and Vyacheslav V. Ivanov, Indoeuropean and Indoeuropeans, I, II. Tbilisi university Press 1984 (the 1st ed. in Russian, the 2nd ed. in English),
Winfred P. Lehmann, Theoretical Bases of Indo-European Linguistics. London and New York, Routledge 1993, 1995,
Pietro U. Dini, Le Lingue Baltiche. Firenze, Scandicci 1997 (Lithuanian and Latvian editions in 2000),
Vytautas Mažiulis, Prūsų kalbos istorinė gramatika (Historical Grammar of Prussian). Vilnius university press 2004 (the 1st ed. in Lithuanian, the 2nd ed. in English by Pennsylvania University),
in Ago Künnap’s research http://www.kirj.ee/esi-l-lu/ling-2006-3-1.pdf.

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Director Jonas Jaučkojis:

The 9 volumes are:

1. Concordantia verborum borussicorum cum reconstructione historica [all words from all Old Prussian written monuments transliterated, ranged alphabetically according to a generalized transcription and translated into English (for the 1st time), German, Polish (for the 1st time), Lithuanian, Latvian and Russian (partly for the 1st time), reverse dictionary attached, 350 p.];

2. Old Prussian Elbing and Simon Grunau's Vocabularies, Old Prussian Catechisms. Text and Comments [all written monuments of Old Prussian facsimiled, for the 1st time translated into English, supplied with linguistic comments and reconstructed, 410 p.];

3. Prussian Reader [the first reading book in Old Prussian and in experimentally reconstructed Modern Prussian, including samples of Bible translations, 113 p.];

4. A 6 Languages Dictionary of Experimental Prussian [embraces all attested Old Prussian texts and a lot of experimental texts in Modern Prussian supplied with Principles of Lexical Reconstruction and having a heuristic as well as verifying importance for linguists; first and foremost aimed for those who practice Modern Prussian (cf. http://prusa.strefa.pl/nertiks.html, http://prusa.miestai.net/forum/index.php?)] –

4a – Prussian-English-Prussian, 431 p.;
4b – Prussian-German-Prussian, 390 p.;
4c – Prussian-Polisch-Prussian, 420 p.;
4d – Prussian-Russian-Prussian, 410 p.;
4e – Prussian-Lithuanian-Prussian, 385 p.;
4f – Prussian-Latvian-Prussian, 380 p.

Thank you,
Jonas Jaučkojis
Director of the Publishing Office